What kind of life would be possible if we were not wounded? Is there such a thing as healing for wounds caused, for example, by a dismissal? What is the meaning of wounds in our lives, including our professional lives? It is hard to believe that wounds are necessary for our development – sometimes even for our professional development. But they are, because they are necessary for our personal maturation. When the wound has healed, we have grown and matured as human beings. What Chiron, Human Design and also astrology have to do with it, you will learn in this article.

Chiron in Human Design – Identification of the Wound

Chiron (also called Kiron) is not a planet. Chiron is an asteroid and comet at the same time, orbiting the sun like the planets. Unlike the planets, however, Chiron has a highly eccentric orbit. It orbits the sun on an oval orbit.

In Human Design, the Chiron position represents the personal wound of each person. This wound can be seen as a kind of mental or physical trauma (injury). By coming to terms with our wound and finally accepting it, we can also stand by and help our fellow human beings with this particular issue.

In the course of our lives, our wound becomes a special source of strength for us and our fellow human beings. We can find transparency about the wound and our very specific remedy in a Human Design Reading. However, Chiron is not directly readable in the classic Human Design body chart, since it does not activate a gate in the Human Design Chart.

Chiron, Human Design and the 12 Zodiac Signs

The individual Chiron topics (wounds, beliefs) are derived from the zodiac sign Chiron is in at birth. Here are the wounds by zodiac sign:

  • Chiron in Capricorn: I don’t trust myself and must follow outside authorities.
  • Chiron in Aquarius: I have to conform and suppress my individuality in order not to be excluded.
  • Chiron in Pisces: I may only follow my convictions if I can justify them rationally.
  • Chiron in Aries: I must suppress my own will and submit to the will of others.
  • Chiron in Taurus: I must suppress my physicality and passion. The wound concerns the acceptance of one’s own body or sexuality.
  • Chiron in Gemini: I must trust mental knowledge more than my intuition and inner wisdom.
  • Chiron in Cancer: I must not show my emotional vulnerability and feelings.
  • Chiron in Leo: I must not show my lightness and must suppress my creativity.
  • Chiron in Virgo: I must live up to the perfection expectations of others.
  • Chiron in Libra: I must put aside my own needs for the benefit of others and not assert myself. Only then will I be loved.
  • Chiron in Scorpio: I must suppress my truth because it might hurt or shock others.
  • Chiron in Sagittarius: I must not trust and express the wisdom of my body intelligence, my feelings and my higher knowledge.

The overcoming of the Chiron wound

The wounds described are generational issues, since Chiron is in the same sign of the zodiac for several years. However, the way the wound is healed is individual, because healing is activated by the gates (conscious and unconscious) and their lines activated in Human Design.

The gates in which Chiron stands at birth (or for the unconscious aspect about three months before) give information about how one’s own wound can be overcome. The unconscious Chiron position (design Chiron) represents the healing power of the wound. The conscious Chiron position (personality Chiron) tells how the “healing” is made possible.

The Chiron Return

In the Chiron Return, Chiron returns to its natal position. This happens between the 49th and 51st year of life. From this point on, we enter the stage of our lives to fulfill our “higher role.” It is about developing our full potential and thus helping our fellow human beings.

Especially the profiles with the 6-lines (profile 3/6, profile 4/6, profile 6/2, profile 6/3) start their third phase of life in their role model function with the Chiron return. They increasingly see life from a meta-perspective. One’s gifts and talents are now fully expressed.

Human Design, Chiron and the working world

Chiron is also a significant aspect for the working world. Because it is also not unaffected by our injury. If we know our Chiron aspects, we can consciously use the resource behind the wound to strengthen ourselves and our colleagues, companions or clients.

Few people of our generation have as much transparency about the Chiron wound as those of us who are dealing with it. The solution or cure lies in our very individual approach. As a coach, consultant, or mentor, we can even specifically base our positioning on or incorporate Chiron information.

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FAQ: Questions about Chiron Human Design

What is Chiron in the context of Human Design?

Chiron is an asteroid whose position plays an important role in the Human Design Chart. It represents our deepest wounds and challenges as well as the potential for healing and personal growth. In Human Design, Chiron is seen as the key to identifying and overcoming personal obstacles and realising one’s potential.

What does the Chiron Return mean in Human Design?

The Chiron Return is an astrological event that takes place around the age of 50, when Chiron returns to its original position in the natal chart. In Human Design, the Chiron Return often marks a period of reflection and transformation in which we come to terms with our deepest wounds and begin to realise our full potential.

What role do the 12 signs of the zodiac play in conjunction with Chiron in Human Design?

The 12 signs of the zodiac offer additional insights into the way Chiron works in life. Each zodiac sign has its own qualities that influence how we experience and overcome our Chiron wound.


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