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Questions and answers

Things to know about your free Human Design Chart

What is Human Design?

Human Design combines the theories of astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah and the Indian chakra teachings with the modern sciences of astronomy, biochemistry, physics and genetics. The result is a system of self-knowledge of amazing conciseness and depth. You get to know your innate predispositions, but also your imprints and conditioning. Basically, you learn who you are, but also who you are not. This way you can become the person you really are. You feel more “real” and waste less energy.


What is a Human Design Chart?

A Human Design Chart (also called a body graph) is a graphic representation of a person’s energetic signature. The chart is based on a combination of astrology, Kabbalah, I Ching and chakra teachings. At its core, a Human Design Chart consists of 9 Human Design Centers with 64 gates and 36 channels connecting the centers.


How can I calculate my personal free Human Design Chart?

You can calculate your personal Human Design by entering your name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth in the Human Design Calculator above. After you click on “View your Chart”, you will receive your individual body graphic with the corresponding information.

How to read a Human Design Chart?

My recommendation is to proceed systematically from the coarse to the fine. Start with the Human Design Centers and find out about the characteristics of your undefined (perceiving) centers and your defined (acting) centers.

Then examine your Human Design Type, authority and profile. With this information you already have important theories in hand with which you can recognize yourself and which you can apply in practice.

Other aspects are the characteristics of the gates activated (by the planets) on the left (unconscious) and right (conscious) sides of the free Human Design Chart, as well as the characteristics of the channels. There are many more (deeper) aspects that will give you important insights. Create your free Human Design Test now!

What is the benefit of Human Design?

Human Design opens up a new view of your personality. In some aspects you will recognize yourself and think: “Yes, that’s me – I recognize myself in that”. Other aspects will be new to you and you will think, “Wow, that’s really supposed to be me?” or “I felt that, but I wasn’t really aware of it.” With these insights, you can effectively develop your potential in life, including your professional life.

You become more self-confident and find your place in the world or in your job. The more you live your Human Design, the more authentic you become for those around you. What does it cost you not to know your Human Design? From my point of view, the information is an enormous added value for personal and professional development. If you put the information into practice, you will experience exciting changes.

Why is human design important for the working world of the future?

We are heading toward a future in which individuality is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, it is timely that every person becomes aware of his or her individual abilities and is given the chance to develop accordingly. Human Design offers the basis for this. As a first step, take your free Human Design Test.

What does a Human Design Analysis cost and what do I get for it?

The English version of Human Design Analysis currently costs just 9.90 euros. I would like to make Human Design accessible to people from countries that don’t have as much money. You can buy it after you have created your free Human Design Chart. Through the analysis you will receive a wealth of information on the following aspects:

  • Introduction: Human Design in the world of work
  • Your Human Design Chart with your personal characteristics
  • How you use your Human Design type in your job
  • The characteristics and skills of your team members and your relationship with them
  • Your personal strategy in the working world
  • Your personal tool for decision making (authority)
  • Your inner circuit in the professional context (9 centers; defined/open)
  • How you develop your personality at work (profile)
  • Your special skills and talents and how you can use them in your profession
  • Your deep motivation for your profession
  • Your preferred place of work
  • How you bring your human design project to life

Immediately after purchase, the detailed analysis will be sent to you as a PDF file (approx. 35-40 pages).