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Do you often feel unmotivated and insecure in your professional role? Would you like to find a deeper meaning in your career and be successful at the same time? With Human Design career counseling, you will not only find fulfillment in your career, but also gain valuable insights that will transform your professional life!

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What is Human Design?

With the Human Design System, you not only discover your basic energetic structure, but also how you can use it optimally in your professional life to be more successful and satisfied. Gain deep insights into your unique skills and talents and transform your career by making decisions that really suit you.

What is Human Design Career Counseling?

Human Design career counseling applies the valuable knowledge of Human Design to the world of work. Among other things, you will find out which career path suits you best, how you can “do your thing” and lead a happy professional life.

Recognize your potential from a new perspective.

Learn how to use your strengths and talents effectively.

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Find out what all becomes possible when you go into implementation.

The Offer

Immerse yourself in your personal Human Design

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The basis

Your written Human Design Analysis

The written Human Design Analysis provides you with 40-45 pages of clear, personalized answers to help you overcome professional challenges and take your career to the next level. The button below will take you straight there!

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Human Design Reading

Your personal Human Design Reading

Dive even deeper into your individual human design. Discover the unique potential that lies dormant within you in a Human Design Reading. Interested? Arrange a free introductory meeting – the button below will take you straight there!

A short introduction

Hi, I am Thomas,…

Thomas Waaden Human Design Career Counseling

As a vocation coach and expert in human design, I help people like you to better understand themselves in order to lead a fulfilling and successful professional life. My goal is to help you find your calling and realize your full potential in your professional life.

My journey to human design

My own professional career spans over 20 years in various positions. But despite my experience, many questions remained unanswered – until I came across Human Design. This discovery was a turning point for me. By learning to understand myself better, I gained self-confidence and acceptance and discovered talents that were previously hidden. Inspired by this transformation, I decided to pass on this valuable knowledge and specialized in coaching and consulting in a professional context.

My approach

I combine modern scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom teachings within the framework of the Human Design System in order to integrate it into the world of work. I am convinced that anyone who wants to give their professional life a deeper meaning can benefit from Human Design. My own Human Design is my personal lighthouse project that constantly accompanies me on my path to a meaningful vocation

How I can help you

I would also like to help you discover your full potential and find your calling. Together we will explore how work works best for you personally. Through my guidance, you will gain clarity about your strengths and talents and learn how you can make the best use of them in your professional life.
Take the first step
Are you ready to take the first step towards your true calling? Then let me inspire you to see if my written Human Design Analysis appeals to you.

My Coaching Blog

On my behalf, Thomas explained and interpreted a Human Design Chart for my 15 year old son with regard to his career orientation. First and foremost, I was happy to have found a man who does this work at all! Your personal helpful and flexible way of responding to our wishes and needs and his experience especially in the areas that were essential for us has helped us a lot. I am sure that my son will get a lot out of this counseling and will be able to start his career much more oriented and self-confident. Keep it up!


Goldsmith, Self-employed

I came to Thomas because I needed help choosing a career. I felt very disoriented and torn. It was very difficult for me to make a decision. Thomas helped me to see clearly what is important to me and where I want to go, so that I can now feel comfortable with my current decision.

I especially liked the combination of Human Design and his coaching tools. Thomas also gave me tools that I can continue to use for myself in everyday life. He always kept an objective view, gave me tips and knew where to pick me up mentally / emotionally. His professional and empathic manner made the coaching very pleasant and relaxed. I can only recommend the coaching with Thomas.


Videographer, Self-employed

The coaching with Thomas has made me aware of my strengths and core values in a very short time with the Human Design Analysis and supposedly other simple tools, which allows me to focus much better in my professional orientation and now I know better what suits me. I can recommend Thomas as a coach 100%: always professional, very well prepared, very emphatic and never biased. It was totally a lot of fun!


Senior Trainig & Education Specialist

The Human Design Counseling session by Thomas Waaden was a great and informative experience. From the content to the presentation, everything was great! Thomas is a very personable coach and I would recommend the coaching to anyone!

Michael M.

School graduate