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Questions and Answers

Things to know about Human Career Design Reading

What is a Human Design Reading?

As the name implies, a Human Design Reading is the reading of a person’s personal Human Design. The basis for this is the Human Design Chart generated for this purpose, which provides various components such as centers, gates, channels, etc. as a source of information.

What happens during a Human Design Reading?

We begin with a brief update on your concerns and goals and then dive into your personal Human Design. During the reading you will receive documents in the form of a presentation, which I have prepared in advance. This way you can relax while reading and don’t have to take long notes. Of course, you are free to make bullet points. Also, I’ll be happy to record the reading for you so you can review everything later.

What does a Human Design Career Reading related to the working life include?

The goal of a job-related Human Design Reading is to give you insight into your personality, talents, strengths, challenges and potential. It’s also about relating to team players in small and large teams and what you can bring to teams in particular. Or maybe we’ll find out that teamwork isn’t your thing. Your life’s mission and path also play a role when it comes to career.

Each concern is individual and each Human Design Chart is unique. Therefore, each reading is also individual. In addition to your Human Design Chart, your current challenges, goals, and current life stage are also relevant.

How does a Human Design Reading differ from personality tests?

You calculate your Human Design using your birth data. So it’s about the qualities that you bring from birth. These are to be developed and unfolded in the course of your life so that you can lead a contented and meaningful life. But first you have to know what they are. Human design is an effective tool for creating transparency.

The basis of a personality test is usually a questionnaire that must be completed in advance. This questionnaire aims to obtain answers mainly behavioral and based on experience. In addition, the results are compared with the responses of a population (the norm). These are two fundamentally different approaches. You can think about what’s relevant to you right now.

How can I use the insights from my Human Design Career Reading?

It is very likely that you will get new information about your personality during the Human Design Carrer Reading. It’s important that you don’t overextend yourself and implement everything at once after the reading. Then you will probably fail. That’s why we like to prioritize your insights for implementation.

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