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The Incarnation Cross in Human Design: 3 tips to guide your life theme

The Incarnation Cross in Human Design gives you a deep insight into your life theme. By grasping the incarnation cross, a deeper level of self-knowledge opens up to you and you can lead your life with greater clarity and direction. In this blog post, I would like to...

The human design variables: The 4 arrows and the working world of the future

The Human Design Variables influence how you develop in the world of work and how you interact with your environment. The variables also provide interesting information about the development of the world of work. You can read all about this important aspect in this blog post.

The 9 Human Design Centers and the 64 Gates in the working world

The 9 Human Design centres and their 64 gates are the basic knowledge for a chart reading. Let yourself be inspired by the wealth of information and unlock your open and defined centres.

Human Design 2027: 3 strategies for the economic transformation

Corporations and large companies call the shots in the business world. But it won't stay that way for much longer. The economy is changing. We are moving into a new age - the age of the sleeping phoenix. If you are now wondering who the sleeping phoenix is and what...