Corporations and large companies call the shots in the business world. But it won’t stay that way for much longer. The economy is changing. We are moving into a new age – the age of the sleeping phoenix. If you are now wondering who the sleeping phoenix is and what this has to do with us humans and the economy, then read this blog article “Human Design 2027”. Have fun reading it!

What will happen according to Human Design in 2027

Human design is not only a tool to better understand people and their personalities, it also allows us to understand and vaguely predict major phases of human development. The so-called crosses or incarnation crosses not only tell us something about people’s individual life tasks. Long periods of time or long cycles are also influenced by these crosses.

Among other things, these crosses influence the long-term shift in global economic dynamics. We are currently under the influence of the cross of planning. But on 15 February 2027, this era will end and the sleeping phoenix will knock on the door. We are therefore in the downturn of the cross of planning, which is currently producing many innovations and can be seen as preparation for the new cycle.

According to Human Design, a biological mutation of the human being takes place parallel to this epochal event. The 9-centred human mutates into the 12-centred human. But more on this later.

Human Design 2027: Core topics of the new age

Humans at the centre of change

The change of crosses puts the core theme of “individuality” centre stage. Conversely, this means that the topic of “community” is increasingly receding into the background. It is much more about the expression of each person’s self with their own individual potential.

The infrastructure is already in place to show individual personalities to the whole world without much effort. Platforms such as YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, Tiktok and others make it possible. Authenticity is already a great way to do good business. The departure of Cawa Younosi, Head of HR Germany at SAP, in October 2023 shows just how dependent a share price can be on individuals. The share price fell after the departure was announced. Coincidence? Elon Musk only has to post a positive or negative message and the prices of cryptocurrencies or Tesla shares rise or fall. Definitely no coincidence! The turnaround is already noticeable today.

Of course, not everyone has to become famous for their individual abilities. But the topic of “individuality” and at the same time “personal responsibility” will certainly take on a much greater significance than before. The trend in this direction is already noticeable. Do you feel it too?

Individuality doesn’t mean that everyone only thinks selfishly about themselves. We are all dependent on our environment. That’s why we should let others share in our abilities and talents. In short: an ego trip has nothing to do with the working world of tomorrow.

The mutation of humans in 2027

Mutation is a process for which we can ultimately be grateful. Making ourselves a more “conscious” life form is also necessary so that evolution does not overtake us and produce other beings that are more peaceful and adaptable than us.

As indicated above, in addition to the change of crosses in 2027, a mutation of the human being will also take place. Instead of the 9 energetic centres, the new species will have 12 centres. Such a mutation already took place in 1781, namely from the 7-centred (chakras) to the 9-centred human being.

According to Human Design, people born from 2027 onwards will have an emotional consciousness. These “new humans” will be called Rave Kids and will be different from us.

Excursus: The mutation – Rave Kids 2027

Rave children, who are born with a mutated emotional centre, differ both in their physical constitution and in their cognitive and emotional abilities. Today we perceive emotions in the moment. We cannot really comprehend what emotional consciousness will feel like after Human Design 2027.

Ra Uru Hu assumes that the Rave kids from 2027 will only have limited muscle strength and will not develop a pronounced ability to speak in the conventional sense. They should be part of a larger consciousness (pentas) and not be interested in individual uniqueness or self-identity. The Rave children should be able to consciously act as part of these pentas, each consisting of 3-5 individuals, representing this new consciousness.

Parents will probably be shocked when they get their Rave kids from 2027, similar to when they get a severely autistic child. Ra Uru Hu also wanted to prevent rave children from being seen as abnormal with his human design message. Ra believes that we humans and the Raves will co-exist for a while, but will ultimately have no connection to each other.

To draw a connection to the world of work: The mutation of humans into raves alone will fundamentally change it in the coming decades.

The focus in the working world of tomorrow

Let’s come back to the turning point or crossroads and what awaits us in the world and especially in the world of work. According to Human Design, the following topics will be the main focus from 2027 onwards:

  • the individual skills and talents of each person
  • the ability to take personal responsibility
  • Self-realisation and fulfilment of purpose
  • An authentic self and honest, authentic relationships

What will decline in the working world of tomorrow

When the cross of the sleeping phoenix awakens, the themes of the cross of planning will recede. From 2027, Human Design will therefore be less and less about:

  • Permanent growth: From an ecological point of view, the limits to growth have already been exceeded.
  • Capitalism: The capitalist economy cannot exist in the future without growth.
  • Logic and the dominance of numbers, data and facts: Emotional intelligence, on the other hand, is the language of the 20th century. Life wants to be felt and no longer serve tribal logic.
  • Solidarity: Solidarity is on the decline. One example is the German pension system, which in my view is on the verge of collapse. Personal responsibility therefore also means personal provision. The church is another example of a solidarity system that is currently abolishing itself. Solidarity also includes family life (see the growing demand for single-person housing).

Human Design 2027: transition from the cross of planning to the cross of the sleeping phoenix

The cross of planning has been active since 1615 and will end at the beginning of 2027. 15 February 2027 will see the start of a new major cycle, which we are now facing – the cross of the sleeping phoenix. Now we shouldn’t believe that on the night of 14 February 2027 to 15 February 2027 a great jolt will go through the world and everything will turn inside out (at least I can’t imagine that). But if we look around us, we can already feel the transition to the new era today. And this transition will probably not be fully complete in 2027 either, at least not in terms of its real effects and our perception of it.

What happened in the age of the cross of planning

The cross of planning began with the industrial revolution, when complex production processes and workflows had to be organised on a large scale for the first time in order to keep pace with the new requirements and possibilities of developing technologies. Large corporations, banks, insurance companies and a standardised education system emerged. Scientific progress and medical and technical innovations characterised this period.

Here you will find the characteristics of the cross of planning that are activated by the Human Design gates (and will decrease in the future):

  • Gate 37 Loyalty: regulated coexistence and mutual support
  • Gate 40 Determination: working efficiently and having time for yourself
  • Gate 16 Skills: Enthusiasm that leads to skills you identify with
  • Gate 9 Focus: Concentrating on details
Human Design 2027_Kreuz der Planung
Human Design 2027 – Cross of Planning
In addition, there are the following other relevant themes (gates) associated with the Cross of Maya (key gates to open the other lock gates):

  • Gate 61 Explore: Exploring the inner truth
  • Gate 62 Precision: Patient detail work and precise formulations
  • Gate 32 Continuity: Continuity through change
  • Gate 42 Growth: Growth through diligence and completion

At the centre of the cross of planning was and is the creation of the infrastructure to provide for the 8 billion people in the world today. But here, too, we can see how difficult it has become to create or maintain infrastructure when we think of the problems in housing construction and the transport network, for example. In addition, resources are becoming increasingly scarce and the cement produced for roads and buildings is harmful to the climate and therefore not sustainable. Human Design Gate 42 (growth) was the truly defining theme of the Cross of Planning.

The cross of planning also stood and still stands for solidarity, standardisation and the formation of community structures. But these structures are also beginning to crumble. We can see this, for example, in the current fragmentation of the global community, also caused by the war in Ukraine. But we are also seeing this change on a small scale. More and more clubs are dying, small and medium-sized companies are filing for bankruptcy and, once again, we can’t enjoy our hobby together at the weekend because too many people have cancelled.

Alongside the positive achievements, the dark sides of this era are the human-made climate crisis, the extinction of species and the exploitation of people and nature.

What is reinforced by the cross of the sleeping phoenix

There will be new features and themes in the future. The following gates/themes will be activated in the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix:


  • Gate 55 Abundance: individual abundance and spiritual wealth through becoming aware of one’s own spirit.
  • Gate 59 Intimacy: Interaction and entering into relationships when one’s own spirit is lived (giving over taking / togetherness over opposition)
  • Gate 34 Strength: Life force for individual strength (heart over head)
  • Gate 20 Presence: Expression in the here and now
Human Design 2027_Kreuz des schlafenden Phönix
Human Design 2027 – Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix

In addition, there are the following other relevant themes (gates) associated with the Cross of Penetration:

Gate 54 Ambition: Urge for success and advancement
Gate 53 Readiness: Urge to start something new, to lead into a new age
Gate 57 Alertness: Intuitive alertness in the context of a role model
Gate 51 Bravery: The courage to compete with others replaces growth (Gate 42).

We are on the threshold of the awakening of the sleeping phoenix. As we have now learnt, the cross of the sleeping phoenix is fundamentally about the unfolding of individuality in the now. Incidentally, this is a good reason to discover your personal human design now.

In other words, we are moving away from hierarchical communities (solidarity) and towards individual fulfilment. We are already seeing this trend through social media, for example, and the fact that everyone can express themselves in their own way. But also in the growing gaming market. You don’t need a mate to sit next to you and play games.

3 success strategies for the transformation

Success strategy 1: Welcome change with goodwill

Prepare yourself for change, but don’t let it drive you crazy. You now know roughly where the journey is heading. This knowledge gives your mind security and protects you from surprises. But instead of looking to the future with total control, you should welcome the new age with surrender.

Surrender is the opposite of control. Perhaps you will be able to surrender a little to the course of events and become more permeable to the course of life as a whole. In other words, letting things happen and not constantly creating inner resistance to them and losing energy.

Success strategy 2: Don’t plan too much, be the change yourself

In a rapidly changing world, too much planning is counterproductive. We live in a VUCA world that constantly presents us with new challenges. The acronym VUCA describes volatility (intensity of fluctuation), uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (ambiguity of information).

Organisations and their employees must be adaptable and innovative in this environment in order to be successful. The only constant is change itself. Instead of sticking rigidly to plans, it is often better to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances.

Success strategy 3: Start your “Human Design 2027” project and get to know yourself better

As described, the coming age will emphasise the topic of “individuality”. I therefore recommend: get to know yourself better. Human design is an important building block here. Human design is a very tangible and understandable tool that is easy to put into practice. You don’t have to implement everything at once, but if you know what is good for you and what your potential is, you have already achieved a lot in your self-discovery process. Start your personal “Human Design 2027” project and get to know yourself better.

It is pointless to refuse to change

Nothing and no one will be able to escape change – not even capitalism. After all, the economic growth model is no longer in harmony with creation. Nevertheless, rulers such as Putin, Trump and others are trying to turn back the clock and maintain the old system. But their supporters are becoming fewer and fewer and are taking to the streets in defence of their need for justice and individuality.

Human Design 2027 and holistic living and working

The increasing development of the individual self will mean that areas of life such as leisure and work will automatically become more and more intertwined. In other words, they will merge into one another. Work-life balance was yesterday, holistic balance is the future. This is another trend that has been emerging for some time and is gaining momentum following the coronavirus pandemic. But here, too, everyone has to find their own individual balance. You can ask yourself the following questions, for example


  • How can the merging of my lives enrich my life?
  • How can I utilise my individual potential in all areas of my life?
  • What do I need to bring my personal “Human Design 2027” project to life?

Because the working world needs your uniqueness: Get clarity about your vocation with Human Design now. Click on the button below and order your written Human Design Analysis!

FAQ: Questions about Human Design 2027

What is meant by "Human Design 2027"?

“Human Design 2027” refers to a major change in the world that is expected to take place in 2027. The zeitgeist of the planning society and large systems is coming to an end and the focus on the individual and personal responsibility is increasing significantly.

How will "Human Design 2027" influence the world of work?

It is expected that “Human Design 2027” will lead to a stronger focus on individuality and authenticity in the world of work. This means that traditional working models and hierarchies will change and more emphasis will be placed on personal development and self-expression.

What does the cross of the sleeping phoenix mean in the context of Human Design 2027?

The cross of the sleeping phoenix symbolises the awakening of new potential and abilities in people that were previously unused or unknown. This cross is associated with a time of renewal and individual growth.

How can I prepare for the changes of Human Design 2027?

To prepare for the changes, it is helpful to look at yourself and develop a deeper understanding of your own strengths, weaknesses and potential. Because only those who know who they are can recognise what they want to bring into the world with fulfilment.

What are rave kids and what role do they play in the context of Human Design 2027?

Rave children are a term that refers to a new generation of people who will be born from 2027 onwards. These children are expected to be characterised by an evolutionary change (e.g. the Human Design Centres) that distinguishes them from previous generations. Rave children are expected to have expanded forms of consciousness and deeper emotional intelligence. In the context of Human Design 2027, they symbolise the beginning of a new era of human development.


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