In this article I describe how you can calculate your personal Human Design without birth time. What data you need and how you might still get your birth data, you will learn in this Bog post. You can feel comfortable, because you don’t need a special Human Design Calculator without birth time information. Have fun reading!

Human Design: A new perspective for your professional development

Human Design gives you interesting clues about your strengths and weaknesses, your talents and professional preferences. It shows you how to make successful decisions and work optimally with the people around you. Through Human Design you get to know yourself from a new perspective that can completely change the way you look at your life or profession.

You can use the information gained profitably for your professional development. Human Design is not a belief system, but a personal experiment that can steer your professional life in a positive direction.

Relevant data for the calculation of your Human Design Chart

With the calculation of your personal chart you enter the world of Human Design. To do this, enter the following data into my Human Design Chart Calculator:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your time of birth
  • Your place of birth

How to get your birth data 

It will not be difficult for you to find out your date and place of birth. These data are stored in your memory since childhood. With the time of birth it can be a little more difficult. You probably don’t know your time of birth if you haven’t studied human design or your birth chart.

You can find your birth time for example in your birth certificate. Do you not have it? Then ask your parents. Often the birth certificate is kept in the family register. Maybe your mother still remembers your time of birth. It is important that the time of birth is given as accurately as possible when entering the data. Otherwise, especially in the subtleties of your Human Design Analysis (e.g. Below the Line), it can lead to wrong results.

For some people, unfortunately, the time of birth remains in the dark. Maybe the records got lost and nobody remembers your exact time of birth. But even in this case you have the possibility to find out your birth time. An inquiry at the registry office can bring light into the darkness. You can easily ask for information about the time of birth at the registry office of your place of birth. It is best to call the registry office first.

In some cases (e.g. in developing countries) the place of birth is unfortunately not registered. Sometimes the place of birth is also cheated for various reasons. I have heard some interesting stories from clients, e.g. Jimmy from Kenya. For some reason, in his case, it made more strategic sense to enter an incorrect place of birth on the certificate.

Human Design Generator without birth time

If you didn’t get your birth time from your parents or any other way, you’ll have to improvise, unfortunately. Without birth time I recommend you to enter first 12 o’clock as average value into the Human Design calculator. Then you can also enter e.g. 6:00 and 18:00 into the Human Design Calculator and analyze whether important aspects change. By major aspects, I mean centers, channels, type, and profile.

In an initial meeting or beforehand in a reading, we could take a closer look at how consistent your Human Design Chart is before and after 12 o’clock on your birthday. With professional Human Design software it is possible to look at the changes in the Human Design Chart during the birthday in variable time intervals. I use the software from 64keys for this purpose. The aspects of your Human Design Chart that do not change during the day can be examined closely together in Human Design Reading.

If, for example, “only” some hanging gates change without new channels being created, we can continue to work with your chart very well. The constantly activated Human Design centers alone say a lot about you. If a major change (e.g. in the Human Design Types) takes place in the Human Design Chart during the course of your birthday, I can try to find out which Human Design Type is in you by asking specific questions. A certain uncertainty factor has to be taken into account.

Human Design Calculation and Evaluation

As soon as you know which data you can enter, you can start the calculation. You go to the Human Design Calculator and enter your birth data. Press “Calculate Human Design” and you will get your individual body graphic. Now you have a new opportunity to get to know yourself. In addition to the chart you will receive valuable information. Each Human Design Chart is unique.

Want more clarity in your work life? Create your personal Human Design Chart now for free or get a comprehensive written Human Design Analysis.