This article “Career reorientation at 40, 45 or 50 plus with the help of Human Design” looks at the topic of “career change” from an unconventional angle. As we age, time becomes more important, even if there are still many years ahead. The focus shifts more and more to the quality of life, the search for deeper meaning and an authentic existence.

At a certain point in life, we have spent enough time to clearly reflect on the path of life so far. Given this changed view of time, we tend to reflect more intensely on the original goals of life, as it becomes less about the years that have passed since birth and more about the years that remain. A professional reorientation can be very powerful in this context, and can pay dividends in terms of meaning and authenticity.

Be curious and be inspired if various questions about career reorientation have not yet been answered for you. Maybe just through this blog article you will find clues on how a professional reorientation at 40 or a professional reorientation at 50 can look like. Ultimately, the solution is up to you, but Human Design can give you some interesting pointers for your career path. Have fun reading!

What is the Human Design System?

The Human Design System reveals the basic structure of each person’s personality and basic energetic makeup. Working with this system serves as a tool for self-knowledge, to show what we bring with us by nature, i.e. where our abilities, talents and potentials lie. But also our areas of action and weaknesses are revealed. Human Design therefore also supports us enormously in the topic of “professional reorientation”. The Human Design System is therefore a fixed component in my coaching toolbox.

Human Design also shows us how to successfully make our own decisions (Human Design Authority) and how to interact with our fellow human beings. Through this system, we learn about ourselves from a new perspective that can completely change the way we look at our professional lives.

Overall, there is so much more to discover in the Human Design System. But more importantly, through your own implementation, you will be able to review how you can use the insights about your personal Human Design to your advantage. By implementing these insights, you will be able to let go of stressful patterns and move closer and closer to a fulfilling (professional) life. The first step is to calculate your free Human Design Chart. Then a completely new view of our being opens up.

Professional reorientation from mid-life onwards

In the course of our life we are influenced by certain planetary cycles which have a strong impact on our entire life. These so-called “returns” determine which influences affect us. Fortunately, through the Human Design System we receive some indications within the framework of these influences, which can also give us statements in the direction of a professional reorientation.

A professional reorientation at 40 or a professional reorientation at 50 is nothing unusual, but almost pre-programmed by these cycles, if we are authentic and honest with ourselves. We may also experience a forced professional reorientation due to external influences, such as a career setback or even an abrupt termination. At any rate, that’s how I felt at the age of 39, in my 40s.

One should always question such an event, but not panic and run after the next similar job. Because perhaps something else, much more exciting, is waiting for us once we have brought calm into our lives. Coaching for professional reorientation can shed light on this.

Professional reorientation at 40

When we reach the age of 40, the midlife crisis usually comes – stronger for some, weaker for others, a little earlier for some, a little later for others. This is a completely natural process. For many people, the midlife crisis also has an impact on their professional life. Questions can arise such as:

  • Do I really enjoy my work or am I frustrated most of the time?
  • Do I prefer to stick to the safe old ways or do I set out on new professional adventures?

A professional reorientation at 40 is nothing unusual – for many it is even a necessity in order to enjoy working life again. With or through the so-called Uranus opposition, midlife issues take their turn. Uranus urges us to experiment and change once again. We see things from a new perspective. Uranus can really shake up life.

The Human Design System shows us which topic or topics are in our individual turn, often together with a life crisis (midlife crisis). Often it is about a new beginning in life. In the first half of life, it may have been about making a living (a career reorientation at 30 is nothing unusual today); in the second half of life, it’s about motivation to start over with current standards. For men, we usually see the externalization of the midlife crisis differently than for women. Where the professional longing leads can show us the Uranus information in the Human Design System.

The lunar nodes as a further indication for the professional reorientation at 40

In addition to the Uranus opposition, the lunar nodes play an important role in professional reorientation at 40. The south and north lunar nodes show us the direction of life in Human Design. The lunar nodes are about transforming old habits, thought and behaviour patterns. The Human Design gates of the south lunar node represent the first half of life, while those of the north lunar node represent the second half of life.

The south lunar node embodies what we have already learnt, what we know and the past and brings us into contact with our own patterns that need to be overcome. It symbolises our own comfort zone and the things we can’t let go of so easily because they give us security.

The north lunar node, on the other hand, indicates the direction of development. Like a North Star, it shows us where we belong and what we need to learn and integrate. It gives us the solutions we need to overcome the old. We should always keep the information from the north lunar node in mind when we look to the future, as it shows us the overarching potential that needs to be developed in our lives. Useful things from the first half of our lives can of course be carried over into the second half. If what is useful for our lives promotes the goals of the North Lunar Node, then a transfer always makes sense.

Professional reorientation at 45

By the way, of course people also come to me who want to reorient themselves professionally at the age of 45. This does not have to mean that they have skipped the midlife crisis. Perhaps at 40, other issues from other areas of life were on the agenda. Not every area of life needs to be turned upside down. And if the desire for change in one’s career does arise, then of course a professional reorientation at 45 is not unusual. In coaching, the focus is then somewhat more in the direction of Chiron, which can cause the next crisis at around 50 years of age.

Professional reorientation 50 plus

From the age of 50, it is about enjoying our personal mastery, living it and giving something to others. What we have learned in our lives so far and how we have dealt with the “wounds” of our lives is now understood and expressed. This sounds simple at first, but (when the time comes) it can lead to small and large crises in life. Because Chiron can be very stubborn.

Not only we ourselves benefit from the crisis and the related information that the Human Design System reveals to us. Our environment can also be “healed” by our coaching / consulting on this topic. For the professional reorientation at 50, from a Human Design point of view, the Chiron Return and its indications through Human Design can be of great help to us.

The asteroid Chiron stands for the injuries in our life. We receive information on how to heal our greatest wound (life wound). This greatest wound can become our field of counseling, for example, if we offer some kind of “life counseling”. In the first year of life, Chiron has passed through each Human Design Gate once and done something with it (to us). Maybe beliefs from the past could be overcome and the own identity could be strengthened. The theories around Chiron therefore support us especially when it comes to the professional reorientation 50 plus.

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Geschrieben von: Thomas

Thomas ist Inhaber der Human Design Berufsberatung und von TW Coaching & Consulting. Er ist Systemischer Coach, Emotionscoach und Human Design Experte. Nach 20 Jahren Berufserfahrung in der Wirtschaft widmet er sich heute in seiner Coaching-Tätigkeit psychologischen und spirituellen Themen rund um die Berufung und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung