Sometimes we don’t feel as one inside. Body and mind are not in flow and we don’t know why. Various causes are possible. The theory of Human Design Split Definition is one way to interpret this inner split.

Human Design Split Definition in general

A Human Design Chart can have multiple definition areas. This aspect is also referred to as the Human Design Split Definition. So we talk about this split definition when not all defined Human Design centers are connected in the chart, but certain “islands” are formed. In other words, our defined centers cannot communicate with each other consistently. One or more communication bridge(s) is missing somewhere.

Below is an example of a simple split in a Human Design Chart.

Split Definition Human Design

In the chart (above), the sacral center and the solar plexus center form one unit (island), just as the inspirational center and the mind center form one unit. To create a holistic connection, i.e. a bridge between these islands, additional gates would have to be activated in between. In this example, this could be gate 35 and gate 56 or gate 35 and gate 17.

Different characteristics of splits

Apart from the Human Design type reflectors, which have no definition area because all centers are undefined, there are four different definition forms.

Simple definition

A single definition area exists when all defined centers of a bodygraph are connected by channels and there are no gaps. So there is no split. A person with a definitional range feels “whole” and therefore can work well alone. Apart from the other aspects in the Human Design Chart, the simple definition can motivate one well by oneself and does not need energetic support from outside. The person is basically able to make quick decisions without feeling torn up inside.

Single split definition (46% of the population)

Two separate definition areas are referred to as a single split definition (see example above).

People with two areas of definition are particularly energetically attracted to people who bring aspects that connect their areas of definition (see below for bridge gates). In business environment, it’s all about connecting with the right colleagues or business partners. When the right person is found who brings the right bridge(s), a sense of wholeness is experienced. But that doesn’t mean you should depend on that person. One is not meant for each other only when a split in the Human Design Chart has been bridged.

Triple split definition (11% of the population)

With three definition areas in the Human Design Chart, there are three areas that are directly connected – that is, two splits. In the business environment, these splits are most likely to be bridged when dealing with multiple people at once. This does not mean that time alone is not important. The challenge is to find a balance between working for yourself and working with others. Of course, other aspects of a chart must also be taken into account.

Quatruple split definition (1% of the population)

With four definitional areas in a Human Design Chart, there are a maximum of three splits. The latter is extremely rare (about 1% of the world population). In this case, at least eight centers must be defined. Being alone can feel like a group effort with four people or personality parts. Therefore, as with the triple-split definition, it makes sense to mingle at work.

Impact of a Human Design Split Definition

For example, the aspect of human design split definition influence decision making. If all defined centers are connected via the channels in a chart, decision-making is usually fast. Everything flows and the decision is made quickly. But the more definition zones a chart has, that is, the more divisions we have in us, the longer it takes us to make a decision. In practice, you then feel torn. People with divisions always take a little longer, even in team processes, because they want to think through their decisions well.

In addition, we may feel several personality traits within us for several areas of definition. We may feel torn, or our head and gut may not agree. This does not always have to be accompanied by decisions (decisions should never be made with the head anyway). Maybe it’s also a sense of confusion or “sometimes I want this, sometimes I want that.”

Bridging the own Human Design Split Definition

Undefined gates that would connect our definitional domains are called bridge gates. These bridge gates represent a certain desire that we want to express. When we fulfill this wish, we feel complete and internally connected in a certain way. In the example above, Gate 35 stands for “feeling the void,” Gate 56 stands for “making people laugh or cry,” and Gate 17 stands for “having your own opinion.”

Bridge gates and the desires associated with them can be crucial in life and influence our character. In general, it is important to know that we are complete with our individual chart, even if we don’t always feel internally connected to it. We don’t need the bridge gate to be a “complete” person or to be successful in our profession.

The activation of the bridge gates in the Human Design Chart

A single bridge gate or multiple bridge gates in a Human Design Chart can connect definition areas. Areas that are far apart often need more than one bridge gate to unite. In the above example, there are at least two goals. The wishes hidden behind several bridge gates in a graphic can be combined in their statement and concretize our wish. It is always exciting to analyze which gates/channels can be used to connect the unconnected definition areas and what desire is behind them.

Moreover, for the connection of the definitional areas, i.e. for bridging, we have the possibility to mingle with people (e.g. in the café or in the office) in order to use their defined gates as bridge gates. Because Human Design ultimately always relates to our energy and the exchange of energy with our fellow human beings.

Success and fulfillment at work do not depend on a bridge gate. However, it can be seen as an additional potential that influences our being. Our potential unfolds through the desire behind the bridge gate. I would be happy to explain to you which desire this is in a Human Design Reading.

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Questions about Human Design Split Definition

What is a split in Human Design?

In a Human Design Chart, a split occurs when not all centers are connected and thus there are multiple definition areas (islands).

What does a split definition in human design mean?

The formation of islands of defined centres in the Human Design Chart is referred to as a split definition in Human Design. Not all centres are connected to each other.

What is a single split in Human Design?

In a single split, there are two definition areas in a human design chart. Not all human design centers are interconnected. These “gaps” can be bridged by bridge gates.


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