This Human Design Executive Summary is about Susanne and a deeper look into Human Design Gate 56. Susanne works in operational sales and drags herself to her customers or the office day after day. It was clear to her even before our coaching that she needed a career change – preferably as soon as possible. Susanne had already optimized her diet to the maximum to get a little more out of her little internal battery. But the energy was simply not enough for this exhausting job. Her concern in Human Design Coaching was to understand herself better in order to take a step in the right direction professionally.

Executive Summary by Susanne

Susanne is from the Human Design Type Coordinator (Spleen Projector), Human Design 6/3 Profile, with a strong talent for improvisation. Where spontaneity is required in organizations, Susanne can act instinctively due to her lightning-fast reaction to external influences.

She is better able to perceive and manage her professional environment than many of her colleagues. Through her powers of observation, she recognizes strengths and weaknesses. As a projector with undefined motor centers (root, sacral, emotion & heart), she is not made to be constantly busy, which was unavoidable in her previous job as a saleswoman. This often drove her to exhaustion without understanding why. With the new understanding of her open engines, she felt validated and relieved. “Then everything is normal with me.”

Susanne’s talent unfolds outside the product development process in the company (value creation process) and thus rather in humanitarian, social areas or in personnel development. Especially in larger organizations, she can demonstrate her talent. Susanne needs less structure or guidelines from outside, but rather trust for her “sixth sense”.

In addition, she has the potential of an excellent storyteller. She can wonderfully package all professional and private experiences into stories. Her peers are hanging on her every word. This talent can also be used wonderfully in the world of work and also has to do with her life’s mission (conscious Sun in Human Design Gate 56). Her ideas often come spontaneously from her intuitive body awareness.

Human Design Gate 56

The Human Design Gate 56 is a gate of the throat center and stands for the stimulation. It represents the ability to gather ideas and stories in the world (the inner world precedes the outer world) and communicate them verbally in an inspiring way. This ability can be used to derive solutions to problems that are packaged in inspiring stories. The more embellished and emotional the messages are, the more stimulating they are for the listeners. Human Design Gate 56 has the potential to inspire.

Human Design Gate 56

Line qualities of gate 56 Human Design

  1. Line: Quality – Useful ideas that can also be used spontaneously.
  2. Line: Talent – Talented expression that is recognized only when the time is right.
  3. Line: Center – The gift of expressing oneself in the center (on a stage).
  4. Line: Protection – Chosen expression to protect yourself or others.
  5. Line: Stimulation – The talent to stimulate others to renew and support.
  6. Line: Authenticity – speech and action are in harmony with each other.

The Human Design Reading gave Susanne, besides many new insights about herself, clarity and courage for her upcoming career change. Maybe she’ll open the little deli she’s always dreamed of.

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Geschrieben von: Thomas

Thomas ist Inhaber der Human Design Berufsberatung und von TW Coaching & Consulting. Er ist Systemischer Coach, Emotionscoach und Human Design Experte. Nach 20 Jahren Berufserfahrung in der Wirtschaft widmet er sich heute in seiner Coaching-Tätigkeit psychologischen und spirituellen Themen rund um die Berufung und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung