Following a Human Design Reading, I am happy to provide a brief executive summary of my client’s chart analysis. This summary describes some important aspects, but is not a complete representation of the individual human design chart. In my blog I would like to give an insight. This summary is about a Manifesting Generator with the Human Design 5/2 profile . In addition, in my blog posts I like to focus on a particular aspect of the Human Design Chart that has also attracted some attention in the consultation. This can be, for example, a gate, a channel or a line. This post is specifically about the Human Design Tor 10. Enjoy reading!

Executive Summary from Wiebke

Wiebke is a true multi-talent, not only because she is of the Human Design Type Manifesting Generator, but also because she has defined no less than a quarter of all possible channels and thus brings with her a particularly large number of effective forces. To cut a long story short: Above all, she has the power of persuasion, improvisational talent and motivation. She is a competitive doer with her own unique touch and a special sense of aesthetics.

Having many skills doesn’t mean Wiebke is better than others, of course. Basically, every person is right the way they are. There is no better or worse. Wiebke may have a hard time combining all her talents equally in her job. But it doesn’t have to. Of course, it would be nice if she could find a common implementation option for all talents. However, this can also be done separately, for example, if she takes time for hobbies in which she can also use her talents.

So focusing on the essentials is important for Wiebke. Fortunately, her special abilities (HD channels) point to commonalities that can be found in the circuits of human design. The circuits represent certain basic characteristics of a human being. In Wiebke’s case, the basic characteristic “individuality” stands out. Therefore, she should concentrate on her heart issues in her professional life, her motto is: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” This sounds egoistic, but it is her natural way to self-realization and thus also a benefit for the community.

Gate 10 Human Design

The core of Human Design gate 10 of the G-Center is authenticity. Being authentic means being in tune with yourself. It’s not about conforming, it’s about being true to yourself. The environment perceives an authentic person as unaffected, open and relaxed. This appearance also inspires others to be authentic – especially because it leads to one’s own self-worth. Human Design Tor 10 remains true to its essence.


Gate 10 Human Design Human Design Gate 10

Line qualities of gate 10 Human Design

  1. Line: humility to accept the inherent hierarchy and recognize how to act accordingly.
  2. Line: Hermit – Voluntary isolation when authentic behavior is compromised.
  3. Line: Martyr – rejection of norms/rules and “putting up with” disadvantages.
  4. Line: Subordinate until an opportunity arises to change the norms and rules.
  5. Line: Heretical protest regarding existing norms/rules because higher principles apply.
  6. Line: Exemplarity, which is demonstrated less by words than by deeds.

Gate 10 is activated in Wiebke’s Human Design Chart in the 5th line and means that her thinking is based on higher principles and therefore she has to rebel against certain rules and norms without overdoing it (shadow). In professional life, then, authenticity can mean thinking in new ways and asserting new ways of thinking. For example, it can rebel against the phrase “We’ve always done it this way.”

In our coaching, Wiebke was facing an important step in her professional life. Without going into depth, one of the things she wanted to know was whether self-employment was a good fit for her. We were able to answer this question in the affirmative from different angles. What benefits her, Wiebke has the maximum number of defined “motor centers” in addition to her talents, which provide her with sustainable energy. Energy that she can put to good use for herself and her future customers. Taking enough breaks becomes more of a challenge, which she always has to keep in mind.

I wish you, Wiebke, much success for your start into self-employment. The competition will have to dress warmly. You bring the prerequisites for this with you. Use the insights from our coaching to boost your confidence. “He who walks, the path comes under his feet.”

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Geschrieben von: Thomas

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