yFollowing a Human Design consultation, I am happy to prepare a brief executive summary of my client’s chart analysis. This summary describes important aspects but is not a complete illustration of the individual human design chart. This summary is about Nadine, a generation with the Human Design 2/4 profile.

In addition, in my blog posts, I like to focus on a particular aspect of the Human Design Chart that has also attracted special attention in the consultation. This can be, for example, a gate, a channel or a line. This post is specifically about the Human Design Gate 61.

Executive Summary from Nadine

Nadine can be a busy bee when she enjoys her work. It is of the Human Design Type generator. She has a sense of what needs to be done to preserve things that are important to society. Nadine has the power to bring about changes that maintain or promote harmony among people. In doing so, she goes her own way with a clear self-centered orientation. Especially in the second half of her life she is interested in spirituality and the exploration of her inner truth and the basic principles of being human, after she was rather busy with logical detail work in the first half of her life.

Her life unfolds as she develops her talents, first in secret, until she finally comes out in the open and offers her skills to people who appreciate her gifts. She only does what she is truly convinced of, and she is very good at convincing others of that. Nadine has an inner drive to succeed and a very good sense for tasks where her strengths come into play. This makes her a survivor, which she has already proven in difficult phases of life. She also has a gift for recognizing the aesthetics of things very intuitively and can bring this to bear in areas such as design or architecture.

Nadine is very empathetic in customer contact. In small teams, it has a supportive effect, especially when everyone pulls together. She is basically relaxed, but always very focused on what is happening around her.

Gate 61 Human Design

Human Design Gate 61 in the head center refers to the exploration of the inner world, the mysteries of life and universal principles. The pressure of the crown creates the desire for this knowledge. Especially spiritual and mystical knowledge wants to be explored. Each person finds his own inner truth, which may not be suitable for everyone. But that doesn’t mean others can’t be inspired by the truths they find. The potential of Human Design Gate 61, that is, this inner truth, is the silence in which all voices and dialogues fall silent.


Gate 61 Human Design Human Design Gate 61

Line qualities of gate 61 – Human Design

  1. Lineage: Spiritual knowledge wants to be explored and recognized.
  2. Line: Natural brilliance and talent to inspire others with the acquired knowledge.
  3. Lineage: Cooperation with like-minded people leads to synergy in the spiritual search for truth.
  4. Lineage: Exploring the deep truths with practical application.
  5. Line: Influence. Knowledge can influence others and lead to wisdom.
  6. Line: attraction. Inspiration that can bring clarity to the collective.

Gate 61 is activated three times in Nadine’s Human Design Chart, in the unconscious earth, the unconscious north lunar node, and the conscious north lunar node. As a result, she is strongly drawn to exploring the inner world, especially in the second half of life. Because of the line qualities (the superscript numbers next to 61), it is especially about inspiration, the depths of truth, and occult knowledge. No wonder that she has been dealing with this privately for a long time, which was not an issue at all in the first half of her life.

Whether Nadine wants to integrate this potential into her profession remains to be seen. It cannot influence the pressure in this direction; it is there by nature.

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Geschrieben von: Thomas

Thomas ist Inhaber der Human Design Berufsberatung und von TW Coaching & Consulting. Er ist Systemischer Coach, Emotionscoach und Human Design Experte. Nach 20 Jahren Berufserfahrung in der Wirtschaft widmet er sich heute in seiner Coaching-Tätigkeit psychologischen und spirituellen Themen rund um die Berufung und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung