After a Human Design consultation, I prepare (time permitting) an Executive Summary for my client. This summary cannot fully describe a Human Design Chart. This summary is about Jimmy from the Human Design Type Generator with the Human Design 3/5 profile. In the summaries, I like to pick out one aspect that I also noticed in the consultation. This can be, for example, a gate, a channel or a line. This post is about gate 42, let it inspire you. Have fun reading!

Executive Summary of Jimmy

Jimmy is a cutting machine operator (lathe operator) in a medium-sized industrial company. He came to me for coaching with the general question of how he can promote his personal growth through new knowledge and how he can approach a personal, long-term project. More about that later.

Jimmy is an “implementer” (generator in traditional human design) with a strong inner drive who, in his own words, likes to get a lot done in a day. As a generator, it is important for him to respond to his environment rather than to set things in motion on his own.

One of his great strengths is to inspire his environment with his own ideas and concepts and to embody and pass on his energy, which is very emotional.

He has a gift for connecting with people quickly and easily. He is someone who is attractive just by his aura. This enables him to initiate fruitful work processes. In larger structures, it thus promotes interaction between employees.

Another gift is processing a wide variety of information into something meaningful new. This process is initially accompanied by confusion until clarity sets in.

Jimmy’s body graphic shows a “single split definition,” meaning that not all defined centers are connected. So there are two groups of centers (islands), which makes Jimmy sometimes feel torn inside (two souls in my chest) and seeks cooperation with others because it makes him feel ” complete “. This search for “allies” happens mostly unconsciously until we have penetrated our Human Design Chart.

Jimmy’s life task (conscious Sun in Human Design Gate 42) revolves around the theme of growth.

Human Design Gate 42

The Human Design Gate 42 is a gate of the sacral center and provides growth energy. It promotes perseverance and stamina, which is particularly important for mastering medium- and long-term tasks and projects. A healthy pressure ensures that you stay on the ball in the implementation process. And as always, “after the project is before the project”. Once a task is completed, Gate 42 looks to the next ToDo or major task. What was started in the opposite gate 53 is brought to completion by gate 42. Growth plays an important role in all aspects of life. Also and especially the personal development is driven by Tor 42.

Gate 42 Human Design

Human Design Gate 42

Line qualities of gate 42 Human Design

  1. Line: Use of Funds – The ability to use surplus funds for new projects.
  2. Line: Identify trends – Identify growth trends and leverage them for growth.
  3. Line: Try and error – power to turn mistakes and the knowledge gained from them into advantages.
  4. Line: Mediation – growth through interpersonal mediation and networking.
  5. Line: Self-realization – growth that makes self-realization possible.
  6. Line: Sharing – The potential to let others share in the growth process.

Jimmy has set his mind on a long-term personal project. He would like to build an orphanage in his home country of Kenya in about 20 years. The Human Design Tor 42 motivates him to realize this project. Even though it will be a boon to his country, Jimmy should take another conscious look at his Human Design type. For the generator, long-term planning and initiating is generally detrimental, especially if it limits its ability to respond to life. What life offers every day, the generator should always look at carefully and not ignore because of rigid plans.

In coaching, he realized that he had had bad experiences with “too much planning” in the past. In the future, Jimmy would like to pay more attention to “offers” from the outside and respond to them when the context seems right for him. In doing so, he is not throwing his plans overboard, but is working on a more flexible approach. Somehow he felt inside that he should turn his attention back to his long-term project.

Jimmy, I wish you success in your endeavors and most of all, enjoy the process!

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Geschrieben von: Thomas

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