The description of the Human Design Tor 30 fits very well to a Human Design Coaching I was allowed to do with Sandra. The aim was to find out how she could make her self-employment as a health trainer easier and more focused, how she could be energetically authentic and what impulses from the Human Design System could provide her with new ideas and options for action. Have fun reading!

Executive Summary from Sandra

Sandra is a creative multi-talent of the Human Design Type Manifesting Generator with the Human Design 4/6 profile. She loves to work on tasks where she feels connected to her inner vitality and life force. She has a special gift of expressing her messages in a way that others feel inspired. Her extraordinary creativity makes her a role model for others.

For Sandra, it is advantageous to go through the world with open senses and to perceive which doors open or also close for her, instead of defining and initiating her training programs by herself, for example. Long-term planning is also counterproductive for them. Her inner gut voice tells her how to decide on upcoming tasks, for example, on short notice, and never her mind. Because basically the body provides the energy to act. Therefore, the body should also be the most important decision-making authority.

How Sandras unfolds in life

Sandra’s life evolves as she tries out many things professionally in her first 30 years and then enters a longer period of reflection. In general, she has a holistic view of her environment and recognizes where changes are taking place and what impact they can have. Sandra should find out to what extent she can use synergies and win-win business with like-minded partners, because here lies hidden a great potential for her self-employment. It is good for them to gather information and advice from all over the world and spread it in their own network without following rigid concepts. In small groups, Sandra is perceived as a team leader. She is no stranger to that. In the past, it was quite normal for them to take on the leadership role in the sports club, for example.

Conscious Sun in Human Design Gate 30

Sandra’s life task (the conscious Sun is in Gate 30) is about satisfying your inner craving for emotional experiences and infecting others with your great enthusiasm. She finds out what she is passionate about, especially in the first half of her life. The activated gate 61 in her Human Design Chart also indicates that spirituality wants to be lived, which Sandra feels and wants to allow more and more.

Gate 30 – Human Design

Human Design Gate 30 is a gate of the solar plexus center and refers to the deep longing to keep having new emotional experiences and to try out many things. It’s about the expectationless longing for change, which simply always goes hand in hand with emotional experiences. Every feeling wants to be felt in life, be it the deepest pain or the highest expression of love. In relation to the outside world, Gate 30 ensures the transmission of enthusiasm to other people. Others are literally infected by their own “fieriness”.

Gate 30 Human Design

Human Design Gate 30

Line qualities of gate 30 Human Design

  1. Line: Composure even in extreme situations, when appropriate.
  2. Line: pragmatism in task accomplishment and goal achievement.
  3. Line: Resignation and accepting what is – especially on an emotional level
  4. Line: Burnout when the emotionally charged pace becomes too high.
  5. Line: deal with setbacks with a certain irony without throwing in the towel.
  6. Line: Transformation of limiting energies and feelings into assertiveness.

For Sandra, it is important to balance the fiery energy that is inside her over time. Burnout (4th line) is difficult to avoid because this emotional experience also wants to be felt. It is important for them to watch their workload and pace.

Sandra also finds it easy to get in touch with customers. Her empathy comes in handy when she’s selling. In creating offers, it should be oriented to the potential clientele and not develop from itself.

Sandra, I wish you continued success with your implementation. I’m not worried about you having a hard time getting into implementation as a Manifesting Generator. Just take it easy from time to time 😉

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Geschrieben von: Thomas

Thomas ist Inhaber der Human Design Berufsberatung und von TW Coaching & Consulting. Er ist Systemischer Coach, Emotionscoach und Human Design Experte. Nach 20 Jahren Berufserfahrung in der Wirtschaft widmet er sich heute in seiner Coaching-Tätigkeit psychologischen und spirituellen Themen rund um die Berufung und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung