Following a Human Design Reading, I am happy to provide a brief executive summary of my client’s chart analysis. This summary describes some important aspects, but is not a complete representation of the individual human design chart. In this blog post I would like to give a little insight.

I have changed the names of my coachees. In this summary it is Holger, of the Human Design type a reflector with the profile 2/4. Also, in my blog posts, I like to focus on a particular aspect of the Human Design Chart that stood out during the consultation. This can be, for example, a gate, a channel or a Center. This article is specifically about Human Design Gate 32. Human Design has a lot to offer here. Have fun reading!

Executive Summary from Holger

Holger is a sensitive observer (reflector) who perceives everything around him unfiltered and acts as a mirror of his environment. He has a receptive mind that is present in the moment and takes in everything around him without intention.

In essence, he is concerned with gathering and processing information and drawing conclusions from it that may be of great importance to organizations or society. Above all, it identifies trends and developments that will enable future growth in various forms.

Holger is not cut out for constant routine or heavy physical labor. His life unfolds as he cultivates his talents in the style of a tinkerer and in due course passes them on to those around him. This environment can also be understood as a kind of network or learning group, as Holger develops more and more into a wise teacher over the course of his life. He can pass on his accumulated knowledge, his experience and his motivating manner to others in a meaningful way.

Human Design Gate 32

Human Design Gate 32 of the spleen center refers to the theme of continuity and consistency. It is about values such as durability, longevity and future viability, but also about the “true value” of a person or a thing. A conservative and defensive attitude is conducive to the impact of Human Design Tor 32. It explores the things in the world that need to be preserved, that are outdated, and that should be renewed. The goal is to ensure continuity that benefits the community. The desire behind Goal 32 is to achieve consistency.

Gate 32 Human Design Human Design Gate 32

Human Design Gate 32 Line Qualities

  1. Line: Preserving what is valuable and recognizing what should be considered valuable.
  2. Lineage: Preserving harmony and the strength to promote harmony among people.
  3. Line: Uncertainty and indecision when a change is imminent.
  4. Line: Preserve principles when recognizing which principles to hold on to.
  5. Line: adapting to change with the help of one’s instincts.
  6. Line: Be calm about change, even if it doesn’t feel good at first.

Gate 32 is in Holger’s Human Design Chart in the conscious Sun and is therefore connected with his life task. So it is not surprising that in his spare time he likes to deal with special, high-quality things and materials, such as cars or furniture. In doing so, he instinctively recognizes the “true value” of something. He was born with an awareness of quality, which is also of great importance to him in his profession. For Holger, it is advisable to integrate these values, which he first became aware of through our Human Design Reading, into his professional life.

Through his special ability to perceive as a reflector, he can positively influence the transformation of the changing (working) world and, within the framework of his life’s task, preserve exactly that which is instinctively worth preserving.

Good luck and courage for this, Holger.

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Geschrieben von: Thomas

Thomas ist Inhaber der Human Design Berufsberatung und von TW Coaching & Consulting. Er ist Systemischer Coach, Emotionscoach und Human Design Experte. Nach 20 Jahren Berufserfahrung in der Wirtschaft widmet er sich heute in seiner Coaching-Tätigkeit psychologischen und spirituellen Themen rund um die Berufung und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung